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Tri County Reading Council & Scholastic Books Presents

Literacy Fest 2017


November 4th, 2017 


Registration Opening Soon!! 



Featuring Keynote Speaker

Ralph Fletcher 





 Spotlight on Ralph Fletcher

I love to write, and to teach writing. I feel privileged to be able to share that passion with teachers and students wherever I go.


If you drill down to the core of my being, you’ll find a writer. My wife JoAnn Portalupi and I have collaborated on many professional texts including Craft Lessons, Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide, and Teaching the Qualities of Writing. It’s interesting to note that JoAnn and I come from different places. JoAnn was a wonderful teacher who learned a lot about writing. I was a writer who learned a lot about teaching. I believe that’s what made a successful “professional marriage.”


I believe it’s crucial that we look at the classroom from the point of view of the students who inhabit it. In the past few years, essential conditions of writing—particularly choice—have become endangered species. The writing classroom has become increasingly constricted, academic—not fun! I believe we can, we must, do better than that. In recent years my work has focused on ways to widen the circle in the writing classroom, to make it more inclusive, student-centered, and enjoyable.

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 Literacy Fest...........................................November 4, 2017



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